Completed Miles

Turtle Crossing

~August 28,2011: C&O Canal/Picked up trash on Level 52/Walked about 9 miles
~August 21,2011: C&O Canal/Paw Paw Tunnel to Lock 61/Picked up trash on Level 57/Walked about 6 1/2 miles
~July 4, 2011: C&O Canal/Pearre Station to 15 Mile Creek Aqueduct/Picked up Trash on Level 52/Walked 10 miles
~ June 12-14, 2011: C&O Canal/Cumberland, MD. to Georgetown/Biked 195 miles (184.5 on the canal towpath & the additional miles on the detour, heading off the path for food, drinks, & lodging, and exploring the Mount Vernon Bike Trail in D.C.)

June 5th-the heady smell of honeysuckle filled the air today as we rode by.

~June 5, 2006 C& O Canal/Pearre Station to Sorrel Ridge Campsite/Biked 35 miles
~May 22, 2011 C&O Canal/Pearre Station to Hancock on towpath and back from Hancock to Pearre Station on WMRT/Biked 23 miles (Flat tire on the trail today!)
~May 11, 2011: C&O Canal/Cushwa Basin/Walked for 55 minutes (What a beautiful night!)
~May 8, 2011: C &O: Pearre Station to the Paw Paw Tunnel/Biked 38 miles & 2 miles on Western Maryland Rail Trail
~May 1, 2011: C&O: Cushwa Basin, Williamsport-South/Biked 21.3 miles

This is the sort of stuff we get excited about....the bathroom at Snyders Landing! This beats a port-a-potty any day!

~April 26, 2011C & O/Snyders Landing-North/Biked 15.25 miles
~April 24,2011: C & O/Shepherdstown-North/Biked 14 miles
~April 18, 2011: C&O/Shepherdstown-South/Biked 5 1/2 miles
~April 17, 2011: Western Maryland Rail Trail/Hancock to Pearre Station and back/Biked 24 miles
~April 14, 2011: C&O/Sheherdstown-North/Biked 10 miles
~Unfortunately, we didn’t keep track of the many miles we have ridden and walked on the towpath from 7/09-4/11
~July 2009: Completed C&O Towpath in 3 days-Biked 190 miles


2 responses to this post.

  1. Holy Cannoli’s that’s a lot of biking


  2. It sure is! Just ask my bottom…it can tell you about every mile we’ve covered! 🙂


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